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      Who is Monique Amanda and how was “BEAUTIFULEPUT” curated? Monique Amanda socially known as
“Beautifuleput” is a beautiful, bubbly, tenacious, determined woman living her dream through God’s
grace and mercy.
      I am a lover of “All things beautiful”. When I am not giving advice and ideas of styling to a friend for a wedding, party, pictures, or just a date night, I am planning my next trip to a beautiful beach, creating my next beautiful hairstyle in my head (I cannot do hair), thinking of my next beautiful nail combination color, or continuing my journey to find the beauty in it all.
     I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and currently reside in the D(M)V (District of
Columbia/Maryland/Virginia). I am well known for my beautiful and bubbly personality. Since
childhood, I have had an eye for “all things beautiful”. I have always had a love for beautiful beaches,
beautiful hair, beautiful make-up, beautiful fashion, and most of all, beautiful people.

     I am a firm believer of creating/curating beauty from within.

     Monique Amanda is both a personal stylist and a self-made make-up artist.

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