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  • How did you learn how to put different colors and patterns together?
    I can remember being 12 years old shopping with my family at Krauss on Canal Street (currently a historical landmark in New Orleans) and wearing a size 9/10 and being told I better not gain any more weight or I won’t be able to fit anything nice or colorful (the pants were striped and the shirt had flowers by ESPRIT). I was determined to always “look cute”. Needless to say, I gained more weight and I also gained a love for beautiful clothes and looking and feeling beautiful regardless of my size.
  • Do you have a styling preference?
    Not at all, I specialize in styling women “from all walks of life” and “all shapes and sizes”. What sets me apart from other stylists is my ability to style your everyday working beauty, a beauty going on vacation, or a beauty who simply want to take her wardrobe collection up a notch, all while being on a budget. Lastly, my biggest mission/accomplishment with each BEAUTY is to leave them feeling beautiful from within and altogether “BEAUTIFULEPUT”.
  • Will you style men?
    Of course, although my main focus is making sure every encounter I have with a BEAUTY allows them to exude beauty from the inside and out, I can definitely get the handsome gents together as well.
  • Where are your favorite places to shop?
    I will shop pretty much anywhere. Some of my favorite stores to shop is Target, ASOS, PrettyLittleThing, Fashion Nova, SHEIN, and Zara. Fashion doesn’t have to be overly expensive to be beautiful. I absolutely love sales and inexpensive clothing pieces.
  • I like dressing up, but I cannot walk in heels or I can only walk in little heels. Do you have any recommendations?"
    I have tons of recommendations and I can have you looking just as stylish as the next person limping in 5-inch heels. I too myself can no longer walk in high heels and when my feet hurt, my entire body hurt. Allow me to find the perfect heel size for you or even style you in cute flats.
  • Do you ever wear your outfits more than once?
    Absolutely, I wear my pieces plenty of times. To be honest I used to always say “I wore this already I cannot wear it again”, but now I wear my pieces over and over again. Sometimes, I am still hesitant about posting photos on social media with the same items on; however, I am now normalizing wearing/posting clothing pieces as many times as I like and not caring. I cannot wait to assist you in mixing and matching your pieces. Most times, no one ever realize you are wearing the same pieces, but even if they do, let’s make sure you are “BeautifulePut” each time.
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